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The Lakeville South Career Center is located in Student Services and is the hub of all college and career planning. 

Julie Peterson is the LSHS Career Center Coordinator and is available at school on student contact day’s ONLY throughout the academic year.  Regular hours are 6:45am to 2:45pm and she can be reached at (952) 232-3306 or by email at

If you are representing a college or career option, please GO HERE to schedule a VIRTUAL visit to meet with any our Lakeville South students that would be interested.

If you are a student wondering when our post secondary visitors are coming, please reference the College Visitor Schedule  you can even copy date(s) onto your own calendar from there!  Then sign-up in the Career Center so we know to expect you or email and let her know!


2021 Advanced Placement Exams (AP) are scheduled to take place starting Monday, May 3rd and will run for those next two weeks of May.  Exam registration for those classes offered at LSHS will be better advertised via Student Announcements and through AP classes early Fall 2020.  Payment was made through Infinite Campus Portal fees this year.  Exceptions have been made for the 2021 exams offering full refunds of regular registration fees if a student withdraws from the class or decides not to take the exam.  For other registration information, please check with your AP teacher or email in the Career Center. 

Students can practice for some exams in MCIS which also offers an ACT on-line course, vocab words and multiple timed practice tests!  If log-in assistance is needed, please email from the Career Center.

For other practice resources, you can also visit the Media Center’s Schoology page and find information to access LEARNING LIBRARY.

CAREER SEMINAR – A graduation requirement for juniors, the event for the Class of 2021 was held on Tuesday, January 7th and generously coordinated by the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce. The Seminar provides our Juniors with the opportunity to hear from a couple of business/industry representatives from a company and career area relative to career test results.  It is a great way to find out more about careers, explore interests and gain knowledge for future planning.  The event takes place during the school day and here at South for our own students.
The session for Class of 2022 was changed over to digital option – watch for more information on that.    Lakeville South would like to thank the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce, President Krista Jech and all the participating business men and women who helped make our CAREER SEMINAR for juniors a huge success.  Career Seminar is a component of career planning intended to provide an authentic experience in career exploration enabling juniors to consider a career path which best matches their talents, abilities, and interests.  Juniors were grouped into one of nine career fields based on the results of a Career Cluster Inventory completed in December. Several professionals from the field presented information to help them better understand potential career pathways.
Statewide ACT for Class of 2022 Juniors will be held here at Lakeville South on Tuesday, March 2nd during the school day.  All LSHS Juniors are automatically registered to take the exam, unless we receive parent permission to opt-out or program teachers have exempted them.  Results take anywhere 2-8 weeks.  Additional opportunities to take the exam are through ACT National Dates and can be found on-line or flyers available in the Career Center.
We have a couple of great ON-LINE RESOURCES that are FREE for Lakeville students to prepare for the ACT and other various entrance exams or training certitifications.
  • MCIS offers on-line practice tests within in a timed format which also provides results and customized feedback.  Make use of the academic test prep provided with the on-line course also free of charge and available at your convenience or use the vocabulary word section to test your brain each day!  Find the section under MY PORTFOLIO in MCIS. Log in by following the instructions found under that section of this page.  Click here for more detailed listing of various resources! 
  • Check out our Media Center’s Schoology page to find another great resource for test prep from LEARNING EXPRESS – CLICK HERE for VIDEO INSTRUCTION on how to find the information under the RESOURCES tab and get into the system from our very own Media Specialist, Mrs. C-Smith.
  • There are also paper copies of practice tests, listings of registration dates and registration information for both the ACT & SAT are available in the Career Center
ACT Prep Classes:   Lakeville North and South work together in partnership with Advantage Prep to offer an inexpensive option for ACT preparation that is available to our students on-site, at North and/or South, and other nearby community high schools. Classes are scheduled around each National test date and students are able to retake the class as many times as they would like without additional cost.  With various site options, students can also make-up a class if unable to attend on their regular day, sometime during the session.  Classes are currently priced at $150, but the course can be repeated in the future at no additional charge.
New options this year:  Online ACT Preparatory Course – This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend in-school classes or a student preferring to prepare for the ACT exam on their own and at their desired pace.  Once enrolled, students are sent an access code for their class via email. The fee for this course is $60.  Students who have previously paid for the In-School ACT Prep Course can also participate in the online course at NO CHARGE.
Please visit their website for more information, class locations and times and to enroll

College Representative & Career Visitors – We still have a variety of visitors for post-secondary options coming from far and wide to LSHS every week!!  With the change to distance learning, students interested in meeting with the representatives should visit our College Visitor Calendar to find out more details on how to join in on the virtual visit.  The calendar also has a great copy feature to add events directly on to your own personal calendar, including the option for text and email reminders of upcoming events.  For private colleges in Minnesota, you can also visit their special listing of opportunities for virtual visits HERE for MN Private Colleges 
PSAT –  Optional exam held every year for all interested 10th and 11th grade students.  Juniors are eligible for National Merit Scholarships depending on their test results for this Preliminary SAT exam.  It gives 10th grade students and others a good indicator for AP class readiness or PSEO – Post Secondary Enrollment Options (see information on this page below regarding that educational opportunity).  Score reports are used by all grade levels with their PSEO applications.  This year’s exam was held on Wednesday, October 14th.
We have PSAT Student Guides and practice tests in the Career Center for your student to pick up if they would like.  There is also practice PSAT in MCIS and students can choose the “Log in with Clever” and utilize their same technology sign-in for LSHS devices.  There’s also practice in the LEARNING LIBRARY which can be accessed through our Media Center’s Schoology page under Resources.  VIDEO HERE on how to ACCESS. For more information about the test itself, please visit the College Board website with PSAT/NMSQT detail.
College Board indicated Minnesota would receive online delivery of PSAT score reports beginning December 7th for any students who took the test here on October 14th.  Look in your email used on test day for indicating how to find those and info on understanding scores. More can be found at

Job Opportunities – Please visit our webpage dedicated to assisting students with finding employment in the surrounding area, whether while in school or as if they choose a direct path for a post secondary career.

Letters of Recommendation – Forms are available in Student Services as you enter from the Commons.  If you are applying to colleges using  the Common Application and they ask for your ‘counselor’ name, this would be your ‘Dean’ at Lakeville South.  Any questions, See Angie Beschorner in Student Services.

MCISMinnesota Career Information System is a comprehensive, internet-based platform that combines a wealth of career and education information into one, easy-to-use exploration tool. MCIS is an excellent tool to use for post-secondary planning and each Lakeville student has their own account because Lakeville School District has a license for the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) to give our students additional tools for test prep, explore possible career paths using interest inventories, post secondary options – school sort, majors or scholarships, planning and so much more!  This is free to use even after high school as long as we hold the license and/or your account has been active within the past four years.

– Go to:
– Click Log in with Google and use your school google/schoology login
– Click on the MCIS App with the lighthouse
– Click Sign Up on the left side of the screen
– Click Continue and you will be at your personal MCIS portfolio

Why use MCIS?

Minnesota legislation requires every student to have a post-secondary plan. MCIS will help you to create that plan. Each student will create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) currently in 9th grade during Opportunities Day and within your PLP, you will: determine your skills and interests, explore careers, search for colleges and training options, create an education and career plan, and keep a record of your school and extra-curricular activities, and work experience.

Research shows that students who have an education and career plan: are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college or other post-secondary training, are more motivated to succeed in college and other types of training and in the workplace, score higher on standardized achievement tests, and have better attendance and fewer discipline problems.

Another useful tool for juniors and especially seniors is COLLEGE SORT or FINANCIAL AID SORT.  These options let students customize their searches for such things and get better suited streamlined results for themselves!

OPPORTUNITIES DAY –  With distant learning this year, the event required a makeover to be virtual/digital and is taking place on DIGITAL LEARNING DAY, March 2nd.  The activities that are part of Opportunities Day, past and present, are a requirement for graduation.  The overview and information for this year’s on-line career exploration and post-secondary planning for Digital Day on March 2nd can be found HERE.
In the past, Seniors did a job shadow, Juniors participated in a group tour of a post secondary campus, Sophomores did post secondary planning including ACT exams and rotations through presentations by representatives of a 4 year public, 4 year private, 2 year public and 2 year technical college, one of the branches of the military and then also various building & construction trades.  Our Freshmen started out the day finding out about poor decision making with either something like the mock car crash or how to make good decisions in life.  They went on then to take an interest profile assessment which provides results in reference to Holland’s six personality theory, as most people are one of six personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.  Results help find out which ones they are most like and the careers and college majors that might fit them best. They researched some occupations relative to that and then find out about course planning for their future based on those interests including course offerings available at LSHS.

PSEO – Postsecondary Enrollment Options is a program that allows 10th, 11th and 12th-grade students to earn both high school and college credit while still in high school, through enrollment in and successful completion of college-level, nonsectarian courses at eligible participating postsecondary institutions. Most PSEO courses are offered on the campus of the postsecondary institution; some courses are offered online. Each participating college or university sets its own requirements for enrollment into the PSEO courses.
11th and 12th-grade students may take PSEO courses on a full- or part-time basis; 10th graders may enroll in one Career and Technical Education (CTE) course through PSEO. If they earn at least a “C” they can take additional CTE courses. In order to be eligible, a 10th-grade student must have taken the 8th-grade MCA reading test and have met the composite proficiency level of “meets or exceeds”. If the student meets this standard, they may be eligible to enroll in CTE courses, as identified by the Minnesota State College and University System (MNSCU). Additionally there may be requirements and prerequisites for CTE courses. Additional information to consider:
  • Students must meet the PSEO residency and eligibility requirements and abide by participation limits specified in the Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.09.
  • PSEO credits will be awarded as 1/4 of the college credit amount. For example 4 college credits = 2 high school semester credits or 1 full year.
  • Students may earn high school credits under PSEO and do not need to have completed all high school requirements before participating in PSEO
  • Students must meet the PSEO residency and eligibility requirements and abide by participation limits specified in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.09.
  • Grade point and class rank requirements for participation in PSEO vary among institutions of higher education.
  • Tuition and books or fees for items that are required to participate are provided at no cost to the student under PSEO.
  • PSEO grades are not weighted.
  • Funds are available to help pay transportation expenses for qualifying students to participate in PSEO courses on college campuses.

Students should meet with their Dean to discuss this possibility and to obtain more information. For current information about the PSEO program, visit the MN Dept of Education’s Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) web page.  Angie Beschorner in Student Services is the LSHS coordinator for the program.

Letters of Recommendation – Forms are available in Student Services as you enter from the Commons.  If you are applying to colleges using  the Common Application and they ask for your ‘counselor’ name, this would be your ‘Dean’ at Lakeville South.  Any questions, See Angie Beschorner in Student Services.

Besides heading over to the Scholarships and Awards page, be sure and check out the Financial Aid Sort in MCIS for a customized look at scholarships that might be perfect for you!  Here’s a quick video tutorial to give you a glance at what it has to offer.  Questions on your log-in, see Julie in the Career Center or email her at

Seniors in the past were required to perform a minimum of 6 hours in a job shadow in order to graduate.  It could be 6 hours with one person, or split up between mentors or even various careers.  For the Class of 2021, the job shadow requirement is ‘under construction’ to fit with the hurdles that COVID-19 has brought to this process.  Information will be sent out to Seniors by December 15th in regard to what the requirement will be for 2021 graduates.

TRANSCRIPTS for COLLEGE are ordered directly through Parchment.  If you have problems, then see Angie Beschorner in Student Services.

Hosted College Events:

  • NAVIGATING the COLLEGE SEARCH  \ˈna-və-ˌgāt\  To find the way to get to a place when you are traveling…   College can be for everyone, you just have to be informed as you navigate the process. Please make plans to attend this informative seminar offered collaboratively for both Lakeville South and Lakeville North students and families.  This year’s event was held on MONDAY, September 30th at Lakeville North. You can find the agenda information HERE for a review of what was presented and be sure to use stop in the Career Center for more options, details or a valuable resource for assistance!
  • COLLEGE FINANCIAL PLANNING NIGHT sponsored by the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce. Parents and students of any age really should plan to stop even if you have another child/sibling who is in college or have attended college.  Things have changed, including availability of filing FAFSA beginning in October now!  The event for this year was held Monday, October 28th at Lakeville North. Click HERE for this year’s agenda ‘ /].    ALSO… BE SURE and have your student check out MCIS and get customized scholarship search by doing the Financial Aid Sort in there.  Find it under the Education tab and you can view quick tutorial of it HERE.  New this year:  Students can choose the “Log in with Clever” and utilize their same technology sign-in for LSHS devices.  See Julie in the Career Center for any other assistance.
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