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Student Services processes all college and scholarship applications. Within the last year, 1,296 transcripts have been processed and sent all over the world.  We use Parchment for sending transcripts to colleges & universities, NCAA Clearinghouse and the Common Application.  Parchment is the simple online way to request, send and store transcripts.  There are six easy steps to follow for setting up your account and sending your transcript.

Admissions Transcripts

All transcripts for college admissions and the NCAA Clearinghouse are ordered online through Parchment. Go to ParchmentYou will be prompted to set up an account. Students will use this online account throughout the college application process and beyond. Please note: the initial account set up does not require a registration code. Leave this box blank. Each transcript costs $5. The Parchment service is easy, secure, and available 24/7. Many colleges prefer the official electronic transcript, including colleges that utilize the Common Application. Students will be emailed by Parchment during the process: Confirmation of the request, transcript has been sent, and receipt of the transcript by the institution. If you have any questions regarding transcripts, contact Angela.Beschorner@isd194.org  (952) 232-3331

Scholarship Transcripts

Some scholarship organizations use Parchment for sending transcripts; however, most organizations prefer a printed version. When a printed/official version is needed for scholarship applications please follow the instructions below:

  1. Bring in an envelope addressed to the scholarship organization with proper postage on it (do not put a return address on the envelope).
  2. Leave the transcript information on the scholarship application blank. Students Services is required to fill out class ranks, cumulative grade point average & ACT scores.

There is no cost to process the official scholarship transcript. For questions regarding scholarship applications and transcripts, please contactHeather.Allen@isd194.org or 952-232-3330

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