Senior Job Shadow Assignment


A component of the Career Portfolio, the job shadow is a required activity for graduation from the Lakeville Area Public Schools.  Seniors are given the time out of school on Opportunities Day to complete this assignment.  For the Class of 2019, this year it is Tuesday, January 22nd.  There is some flexibility with this date.  For example, you could use days off school prior to that like October 18th & 19th or November 2nd or 5th.  Please see instructions for more detail. The assignment deadline is Tuesday, April 2nd, so plan accordingly!

Job Shadow

A job shadow is a structured career activity where a student follows an employee at a company location to learn about a particular occupation or industry. The purpose of job shadowing is to help students explore a range of career options. For this to be a meaningful experience, students should shadow someone in your career path interest.  It should not be your parents or someone where you currently work.

The employee who is hosting the student is called an adult mentor. The student will experience a one-on-one relationship with an adult mentor observing activities and gaining valuable information about a possible chosen career. Job shadowing helps students accomplish the following:

  • Gain information about possible future career interests
  • Observe the daily routine of their adult mentor
  • Observe the system of the host’s company or business
  • Gain an insight of the academic, technical, and personal skills required by particular occupation
  • Gain an understanding of the connection between school and work
  • Gain information to assist students in goal setting and educational planning

Senior Job Shadow Instructions and Assignment


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