1st Annual South Suburban Conference Visual Arts Exhibition

These are a few of the works from Lakeville South artists that were selected for the 1st Annual South Suburban Conference Visual Arts Exhibition.  The exhibition is an opportunity for Conference schools to exhibit outstanding artwork from talented artists in their schools.  The works in the exhibit range from small format digital works and pencil drawings, to large – scale sculptures and paintings.  Congratulations to all the Lakeville South Cougars who competed in the exhibition.  The show ran from February 29th – March 27th.  The opening reception was on March 10th.

*Artwork Examples Coming Soon!

LSHS Student Artwork

Below are some example of art created by LSHS students.

*Artwork Examples Coming Soon!

BAND (Concert, Jazz, Marching)

The LSHS instrumental music program offers a wide variety of ensembles, activities and performing opportunities to all students. Performances on campus and throughout the community highlight a diverse program of that features three concert bands (Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Concert Band), jazz ensemble, pep band, marching band and many small ensembles. The band has had the opportunity to travel to London, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain in recent years. The program is open to any student with previous experience playing a band instrument.

Please visit the Lakeville South Band website for more information on our bands.

Season: School year and summer
Contact: Chad Bieniek
Email: Chad.Bieniek@isd194.org
Phone: 952-232-3359


The mission of the LSHS Choir Department is to cultivate, educate and nurture the musical talent and creativity of our students.  We will accomplish this through performance excellence, music literacy, history and exposure to a variety of musical styles and genres.  Our goal is to make music a lifelong passion in each of our students’ lives.   We have four curricular choirs Encore, Concert Chorale, Bel Canto and Cougar Choir and two co-curricular Choirs-Harmony (women’s ensemble) and the TriTones (men’s ensemble).  The choirs at Lakeville South have been awarded the highest of ratings at Region 1AA Solo Ensemble, have sung with the MN Orchestra and the Dakota Valley Symphony and take an international tour every two years.  In the past we have toured Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Ireland.  

Please visit the choir booster website for more information on our choirs.

Lakeville South High School is home to a choral program committed to excellence.

Season: Year Long
Contact: Julie Brott
Email: julie.brott@isd194.org
Phone: (952) 232-3360


Season:  Fall
Contact: Becky Erickson
E-mail: ericksor1@csp.edu

The fall theater meeting will be held TBA where the fall play will be revealed!

Auditions for the fall play will be held TBA with callbacks on TBA (sign up sheet will be posted near the makeup room in the fine arts hallway)

Rehearsals will be mostly Monday-Friday 3:00-5:30

Season:  Winter
Contact: Becky Erickson
E-Mail: ericksor1@csp.edu

Season:  Spring
Contact: Becky Erickson
Email: ericksor1@csp.edu


Debate at Lakeville South is the best described as competitive, fun and challenging.  Lake South debaters have won three State championships in the last ten tears and have had several high placements at National competitions.  A survey of Fortune 500 personnel mangers conclude that employers rate debate as the single most valuable co-curricular activity.  Colleges highly respects applicants with debate experience and some even have debate scholarships.   Participants may be cut depending on ability and number of students that come out for the team.

Season: Fall and Season
Head Coach: Deserea Niemann
E-mail: desereaniemann@yahoo.com


This activity is a great for building speaking, acting, debating or communication skills! Students can pick one of the thirteen categories. (You can read humorous works or try another of the categories) and perform at the tournaments against students from other schools. Participants maybe cut on ability level and number of students that come out for the team.

Season: Winter and Spring
Contact: Karley Weir
Email: weir1887@isd194.org
Contact: Kate Sharma
Email: shar1889@isd194.org

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