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The master schedule is created each year to accommodate course selections made by students. Faculty members are employed, textbooks are purchased, and rooms are assigned based on student course requests.

Students requesting a change in their schedule must obtain a Schedule Change Form from the Student Services Office.  The Schedule Change Form must be signed by a parent/guardian and submitted to the appropriate Assistant Principal/Dean for consideration.  Class size limits will be considered when reviewing the request.  If space is available, the only acceptable educational reasons for a schedule change are:

  • Seniors who need a course to fulfill a graduation requirement
  • Inappropriate level or sequence placement (i.e. Spanish 3 not 2, AP/Honors to a General Course)
  • An obvious error in schedule (i.e. same class twice)
  • Prerequisites that have not been fulfilled
  • Choice to opt-in to a higher level/ more rigorous version of their current course (i.e. General Course to AP/Honors) 

Completion of this form is NOT a guarantee that the request will be granted. Students need to check the Campus portal for changes after 48 hours.

All students must complete a schedule change form to request a schedule change.

  • Parking Permits *** NEW this YEAR through FeePay *** Enter information on that site, pay, then send receipt with student to receive their pass from Marnie during all lunches.

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