STUDENT PARKING at LSHS for 2020-2021

The school district provides transportation for all students and does not encourage driving to school. However, if students do drive to school, all Minnesota and Lakeville laws pertaining to motor vehicle usage apply. Police may be notified in the event of a violation. Driving a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. Part of the responsibility is to follow the rules that contribute to the safe and orderly operation of the vehicle. We have established reasonable rules in the LSHS parking lot similar to those you will find in the community.

Independent School District #194 typically requires students to pay per semester parking fees*.  ISD #194 parking permit fees are used to cover maintenance expenses for the designated parking areas and other fees incurred as the school district deems appropriate related to parking. Students park at their own risk. Neither the Lakeville South High School nor the Lakeville School District is liable for damage or theft to vehicles parked in the high school parking lot.

** 2021 SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES **: There will be NO CHARGE THE FINAL SEMESTER this school year with the situations we are experiencing in limitations with in-person and/or distant learning.

PLEASE NOTE… THIS IS NOT a WAIVER for PARKING FEE REQUIREMENTS in the FUTURE.  Also, if you have a parking pass from Fall of 2020, YOU DO NOT NEED to REAPPLY unless it is lost.


  1. Students with outstanding fines from previous semesters may not obtain a permit for the current semester until the fine is paid. Check in Infinite Campus under FEES tab. Any student who obtains a permit for another student with fines will face consequence
  2. Parking permits are a privilege and a student might not be approved for one or may have their permit revoked. Revocation can occur for chemical violations, discipline issues, attendance issues, outstanding fines or other reasons decided by Administration.
  3. Sign-up for parking permit using the PARKING PERMIT SIGN-UP FORM which will include information on student driver, vehicle(s), etc…
  4. After the form has been completed, you can pick-up your parking permit from Marnie during all lunches. She is located across the cafeteria, near the main entrance, across from the reception desk – near the stairs.
  5. The parking permit must be displayed from the rearview mirror with the number of the permit facing out. If the parking pass is not visible to the parking lot monitor, the student will be issued a $10.00 citation. Please remove prior tag and other items that can obstruct visibility.


Student parking is limited to the student parking lot (beginning at the main entrance and continuing south past the sports complex). The upper lot is reserved for staff members only.

Student parking is PROHIBITED in the following places:

  • Staff Lot
  • Handicapped spaces
  • Loading zones
  • Residential areas
  • Visitor spaces
  • Football practice field
  • Bus loading zones
  • Sidewalks or lawns
  • Fire lanes and other NO PARKING zones

Students are expected to park their cars according to the regulations outlined in the Parent/Student Resource Guide and updated in the letter. Violations of these regulations will incur consequences. State and city citations take precedence over LSHS consequences.

Examples of LSHS consequences includes but are not limited to:

  • Confiscation of parking permit without refund.
  • A fine of $10.00 for no permit displayed.
  • Parking in visitor designated spaces subject to a $20.00 fine or automatic towing at the driver’s expense.
  • Towing at owner’s expense for each violation after the first one.
  • Automatic towing if an unauthorized car is in a prohibited parking area listed above.
  • Automatic towing if the parked vehicle obstructs traffic or endangers property.
  • Use of stolen, forged, or altered parking passes result in disciplinary action and fines, plus future restrictions as per ISD 194 policies.

If a permit is lost or stolen (other than 2020 Fall permits), a new pass will need to be purchased for $50.00

Educational Benefits

Experiencing any financial difficulties? You may qualify for a discount. Be sure you’ve filled out the Application for Educational Benefits and also the Consent to Share form. Regardless of previous qualification, this must be done each year. Email your dean of students regarding any other financial situations that you might require assistance with.


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