DAILY PARKING:  For those students without semester or annual parking permits, a daily parking tag at a cost of $3.00 is available from the parking lot attendant, Marnie VonWald, prior to the date the student needs to drive.  She can be found near the front entrance during all lunches or out in the school van before/after school.  Otherwise if needed the day of… students should find Marnie outside in the parking lot when you arrive or please talk to the receptionist once inside the school.

All daily permits must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle on the day the permit was issued for. Student parking is in the student lot only.

SEMESTER or ANNUAL PERMITS:  These parking permits are sold only through the district’s FeePay system for a cost of $225.00 for a year long pass or $125 per semester. 

PSEO or other designated part-time students will be charged $20/class.  On-line and hybrid classes are not deducted.  Exception forms are available in forms rack located in Student Services.  This must be completed prior to registration in FeePay.

Free & Reduced lunch families who completed the Consent to Share document when they applied for assistance with educational benefits will have their student’s parking permit fee waived or reduced as applicable.  After you put the permit into your cart, there will be a pop up window that asks whether or not you want these benefits applied to this ‘purchase’.  After selecting yes, the price will be adjusted.  If this does not happen or you need to see if you have the form on file, please contact Student Information Services in the District Office at 952-232-2049.

Any other hardship or extenuating circumstances, should go through the student’s Dean.

Dean discretion will be used for permitting students to drive. Only students with paid parking permits or pay for daily parking are allowed to park in the student parking lots.

Parking Permits Purchase:
1. Students qualifying may purchase permits on the days set prior to the start of each semester. Parking permits are purchased on a semester or annual basis.  The cost to replace a lost parking permit will be $100.

2. The Student Driving and Parking Permit form must be completed online with parent signature. Have your license plate number(s) with you and any other driver’s information as well.   If it’s the first time in FeePay, your student ID # will be required as well to access items available to LSHS students.

3. Students with outstanding fines from the previous semester may not purchase a permit for the current semester until the fine is paid. Seniors must have Job Shadows completed in order to receive a second semester permit. Any student purchasing a permit for another student with fines will have their permit revoked and the money for the permit will not be refunded. Students caught illegally buying or selling parking permits will have the permit revoked and will also face disciplinary action.

4. The parking permit must be hung on the rear view mirror with the number of the permit facing out and visible; adhesive permits must be displayed in the lower left of the driver side corner of the windshield.

Students are expected to park their cars according to the regulations set below. Tags must be hung on the first day of semester. No warnings will be issued. Violations of these regulations will incur consequences.

State and city citations take precedence over school consequences.

The following consequences will occur if a student fails to have a permit when parking:

  • Consequence #1 – Written Warning (pink)
  • Consequence #2 – Written $10 Citation (white)
  • Consequence #3 – Written $10 Citation provided to student and the student’s Dean will contact parent.
  • Consequence #4 – Written $10 Citation presented to the student’s Dean, parent is called, student is warned of towing at their expense if they park at LSHS without a permit
  • Consequence #5 – Student’s vehicle is towed at the student’s expense.

PARKING LOT: Students are required to drive safely and responsibly. Failure to comply will result in the student being ticketed or parking privileges being suspended or revoked.

Parking Lot Rules and Regulations:
1. Parking is prohibited in the following places:
– In the bus loading zones.
– On school district sidewalks, landscaped areas, and safety zones, except by school personnel who are conducting official business and by official emergency vehicles in the conduct of official school business.
– In loading zones, except by the vehicles making delivery of goods to schools when unloading during required delivery times.
– Staff/visitor parking lot.
– Within 10 feet of intersections, adjacent to or against yellow painted curbs, and in areas where parking is expressly prohibited by sign.
– In reserved parking spaces by all except those for whom those spaces are reserved.
– In spaces reserved for vehicles of handicapped persons is prohibited except for those vehicles of persons who have received approval from the State of Minnesota.
– Parking without a parking permit in the designated student parking lot.
– Any other parking lots not designated for student parking (ie: hockey arena, football practice field lots, elementary schools)
– Residential areas
– Fire lanes and no parking zones

2. Parking lanes are designated by painted lines. Adequate space has been provided between each set of lines to park an automobile. Parking is restricted to a maximum of one vehicle per parking lane.
Parking on lane lines or parking in a position which occupies more than one parking lane is prohibited.

3. Maximum speed of vehicles on school property shall be ten (10) miles per hour, or less, depending on road conditions.

4. The driving of automobiles and other vehicles on school property is restricted to roadways surfaced with concrete, blacktop, or gravel. The driving or parking of autos and other vehicles on sidewalks,
lawns, athletic fields, or other grass-surfaced or landscaped areas is prohibited. District personnel in the act of performing official school duties are exempted.

5. Exhibition driving is prohibited. No person shall turn, accelerate, decelerate or otherwise operate a motor vehicle on school property in a manner which causes unnecessary engine noise or backfire, squealing tires, skidding, sliding, swaying, throwing of sand or gravel, or in a manner simulating a race.

6. No person shall drive or operate a snowmobile, go-cart, trail bike, or other recreational or motorized vehicle on property owned, leased, occupied, or operated by the school district without the express written permission of the principal.

7. Motorcycles and motorbikes shall be subject to the full provisions of these rules and regulations and applicable state laws.

8. Nothing in this policy shall prevent state, county or local enforcement agencies from enforcing traffic laws on campus. These laws are assumed to be common knowledge and must be obeyed.

9. School officials may require search of a student’s vehicle if there is reasonable suspicion that the student has violated a school rule or applicable law.

10. Students caught using their vehicle to leave campus without permission will be subject to search.


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