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The SOS Team at Lakeville South High School: Committed to Your Student’s SuccessLSHSrain

When students are struggling with emotional, academic, or family issues, it can be a challenge for them to be fully engaged in their education. The SOS, or Support Our Students, Team at Lakeville South High School works to address the variety of needs that create barriers to education for our students.

What the SOS Team Does

The SOS team provides individual and group counseling related to a variety of issues, from struggles with academics and peer relationships to help developing coping skills and maintaining school/life balance. The team members work together to ensure students receive the most holistic approach to support possible and engage families wherever appropriate. SOS staff also provide case coordination and support for students reintegrating from mental or chemical health treatment and conduct crisis assessments if a student is thought to be at risk for self-harm.


When a referral is deemed necessary or a situation requires expertise beyond the capability of the SOS team, external community organizations are engaged.  At Lakeville South, the team collaborates with the Associated Clinic of Psychology.

Connecting to the Team

SOS staff are committed to meeting the academic, social, and personal needs of students throughout their school experience. We recognize students will encounter various challenges as they move throughout the developmental stages of adolescence, and our staff is available to navigate this journey with them. SOS services are tailored to student needs and vary depending on the scope of needs. We welcome parent/guardians to contact us with questions or concerns related to the academic, personal, or social experience of their child.

Lakeville South SOS Team

Angela Schultz, Student Support Specialist/School Counselor,  (952) 232-3333

Kris Lindsoe, School Psychologist,  (952) 232-3391

Jessica Davich, School Psychologist,  (952) 232-3338

Judy Johnson, Chemical Health Counselor,  (952) 232-3726

Beth Stoa, 360 Communities Family Support Worker,  (952) 232-3337

Greg Jensen, LPD School Resource Officer,  (952) 232-3336

Emily Mjelleli, District Nurse,  (952) 232-3305

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