The Dean of Students

A Dean of Students functions in the multi-purpose role of assistant principal and counselor combined.  Deans are assigned to a portion of the alphabet according to students’ last name and are the point of contact for that student and their family throughout their four years of high school. This unique role allows Deans to form close relationships with students as they provide social/emotional learning to maximize success and explore opportunities in career and college guidance.  Deans support students in achieving success academically and are highly involved in supporting students in athletics, activities, clubs and volunteer experiences as well.  Deans are invested in ensuring students develop future ready skills and find a unique, college and career pathway. Through the development of the Career Portfolio with the Deans, the students experience a comprehensive process in planning, and ultimately preparing them for a successful future.


Meet our Team

Shaun Murphy, Dean of Students (Last names A-E) (952) 232-3339

Dr. Dana Kelly, Dean of Students (Last names F-Le) (952) 232-3335

John Boche, Dean of Students (Last names Li-Rog) (952) 232-3332

Paul Donner, Dean of Students (Last names Rol-Z) (952) 232-3334


Angie Beschorner, Deans’ Assistant,  (952) 232-3331

  • Areas of expertise: transcripts, College applications, graduation, NCAA Clearinghouse


Heather Allen, Deans’ Assistant,  (952) 232-3330
  • Areas of expertise: enrollments, registrar, scholarships
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