Welcome to LinK12 Lakeville!

We are now accepting enrollments for fall 2020.

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To learn more about LinK12 Lakeville attend one of our open houses at Lakeville Area Schools. Contact Heather Rabanus for open house dates.


Welcome to LinK12 Lakeville

The innovative online learning platform offered through LinK12 Lakeville provides students with a high quality, personalized option for education that they can take advantage of from anywhere across the state of Minnesota. LinK12 Lakeville is a program offered through Lakeville Area Public Schools that provides students and families with the resources they need to excel and recognizes that the best education doesn’t always take place in a physical classroom. LinK12 Lakeville offers students full-time enrollment options and part-time enrollment options. LinK12 Lakeville is proud to be part of the award-winning, innovative Lakeville Area Public Schools. Because of our curricular format, LinK12 Lakeville is available anywhere in the state of Minnesota, not just within the boundaries of the Lakeville Area Public Schools. At Lakeville Area Public Schools, we are a community dedicated to transforming learning for our students. Learn more about our district at

The Student Perspective

Alumni Stories

Jacob – “Anything is possible”


Hehmi – “The world is my oyster”


Emily – “You determine your success”


Carter – “I don’t have any regrets”

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The mission of LinK12 Lakeville is to provide students with high quality, personalized learning options through a digital environment. Learn more about our online school and enrollment options by contacting us.


Phone: 612-642-1497
Address: Lakeville Area Schools, 17630 Juniper Path, Suite A, Lakeville, MN 55044



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