How Online School Works

How Online Learning Works – A Partnership in Learning

Learning online is a partnership between the school, student, family and Learning Coach. Together we can help all students reach their full potential.

How Does It Work?

LinK12 Lakeville is a statewide, public school for families and students looking for anytime, anywhere learning that includes individualized instruction, flexibility in pace and schedule, responsiveness to learning styles and self-selection of learning environment. We offer full-time and part-time enrollment options. Even though students learn outside of a school building, they will receive a high quality educational experience that meets and/or exceeds the state and local standards. Our classes are taught by Lakeville Area Public Schools teachers. LinK12 Lakeville also follows all of the Minnesota Department of Education public school requirements, including reporting and testing. Students in LinK12 Lakeville will take state tests in the spring, along with all other public school students.


1. What is LinK12 Lakeville?

Link12 Lakeville is a rigorous, comprehensive, fully online K-12 public school based in Lakeville, Minnesota. LinK12 offers a high quality virtual learning experience for a wide variety of students including those who are seeking flexibility in their schedules and individualized support for learning. All courses are facilitated by licensed Minnesota teachers and meet or exceed all Minnesota state standards.

2.  Is LinK12 Lakeville accredited?

Lakeville Area Public Schools went through a rigorous application process with the Minnesota Department of Education for LinK12 Lakeville to become an approved online public school. Students enrolled full time in this program will receive a diploma issued by the Lakeville school district.

3. Who can enroll in LinK12 Lakeville?

LinK12 Lakeville is available to any student in the state of Minnesota provided they can show proof of residency. Additionally, students who are physically residing outside of Minnesota for more than 15 consecutive days cannot be enrolled.

4. How does online learning work?

Students enrolled in LinK12 complete all of their school work online with the support of parents, families and licensed teachers.  By working online, students and families have flexibility as to when the learning occurs.  By taking online courses students can study where, how and when they want. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once students login to their courses, their learning begins. They can focus on a different class each day or work on each class everyday.  Licensed teachers are also available to guide lesson pacing, answer questions, or help when students need support.

5. What Does the Curriculum Include?

Curriculum at the elementary level includes both digitally delivered coursework, as well as hands-on materials.  In the primary grades, students can expect to spend about 30% of their time online and 70% working with offline materials. As students progress through the program, the percentage of online work increases. At the high school level, for example, students may spend up to 80% of their time online and 20% working with offline materials.

Students who require a device to complete their work can apply for a computer through our Loaner Computer program. Once parents or guardians read the acceptable use policy and sign the liability agreement, the student can have a device on loan while they are enrolled in the program. Computers are returned to the district if a student withdraws or once the school year is finished.

6. What do our Teachers do to Support our Students?

LinK12 Lakeville teachers are there to support and work in partnership with the parents/guardians/learning coaches throughout the educational experience. Teachers provide guidelines for the completion of work, monitor student progress and provide feedback on assignments and assessments. They are also available for 1:1 instruction when students need help and will communicate with students and families regularly. Our goal is to ensure the success of every student through early intervention for students that may struggle and work in partnership with everyone supporting the student’s learning.

7. What Does a Learning Coach Do to Support our Students?

Learning Coaches are parents and guardians or another adult responsible for the day-to-day learning of the student. While students can do their learning anytime, anywhere that best meets their needs and they may do some work independently, this is not an independent study program. Support at home is key to success. With the help of the LinK12 Lakeville teachers, Learning Coaches and parents help plan and organize the daily learning experiences and environment for students. Each family is required to designate who will act as the student’s Learning Coach and is responsible for providing a learning space appropriate to their learner.

8. How do I attend class?

Class attendance is based on logging in to your courses regularly, completing coursework and making appropriate progress each week. Students who do not follow these guidelines may be referred for truancy and/or withdrawn from the program.

9. How are the courses set-up?  

Most courses run on a semester schedule.  However, students can move through the course at their own pace provided they are making appropriate progress each week and complete the work within the semester guideline.

10. Do I ever need to come to Lakeville, Minnesota?

Other than in-person orientation, students are required to take State tests in Lakeville in the Spring. While students will be contacted with specific testing dates, the location for testing is located at LinK12 –

Lakeville Area Schools

17630 Juniper Path, Suite A

Lakeville, MN 55044

Students requesting use of a laptop will need to pick-up and drop-off the equipment at Lakeville North High School (Loading Door 6) – 19600 Ipava Ave. in Lakeville.

11. What are the costs to enroll in LinK12 Lakeville?

Link12 Lakeville is a free, public school. There are no costs for enrollment. LinK12 receives funding from the State to offer this educational opportunity to students, just as if they are attending a traditional public school. The only exceptions are those students who are homeschooled, summer school, and students seeking to take additional courses beyond their requirements.

12. What equipment is needed?

Students need both a device and an Internet connection in order to access their coursework, submit assignments and complete assessments. Devices are provided on loan by the district to full-time students. Parents/Guardians will need to complete the Laptop Request form. This process will occur once the enrollment process is complete. Internet access is the responsibility of the student and family, whether that be at home, the library or other locations. Access to a scanner is needed at the elementary level.

13.  Who is eligible to enroll in LinK12 Lakeville?

Any K-12 student who is a resident of Minnesota is eligible.

14. Can my student participate in sports and activities?

Full-time LinK12 Lakeville students are welcome to participate in sports and/or activities offered through our schools. Please contact the Activities Directors at any of our secondary schools to get more information and/or sign-up. Note that each schools’ sports and activity opportunities should be listed on their websites, which can be accessed online.  We follow the MSHSL guidelines regarding eligibility.

***Please note Link12 is NCAA approved.

15.  Are there optional opportunities for community building events?

At times, optional community building events are offered for students attending LinK12 Lakeville. Please check the online calendar for upcoming events.

16.  How do I connect with my teachers when I need help?

Teachers are available in a variety of ways to help.  Students can connect with teachers by phone, text, or email.  In addition, a virtual classroom is available for additional student support.

17. How do I choose my online courses?

Once students are fully enrolled into the program, they will be able to select their courses. A LinK12 Lakeville staff member will contact students and families once the registration process is complete.  Course selections can be viewed on the website. *Elective course offerings may be subject to enrollment.

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