AVID at McGuire

AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a college readiness system that prepares students in kindergarten through 12th grade for college eligibility and success. Since it began in 1980 in California, AVID has been adopted by more than 4,800 schools and 41 institutions of higher education in 45 states and 16 countries, providing training for more than 30,000 educators each year and making a difference in the lives of more than 700,000 students. AVID is for all students but targets those in the academic middle and who are usually underserved. Its systematic approach is designed to support students and educators as they increase school-wide/district-wide learning and performance. AVID is not a remedial, niche or college outreach program. It is not a free ride or a study hall. Students must learn and apply the skills they are taught in their AVID elective class as well as do the academically rigorous and challenging work required. AVID is not just another program.  At its heart, AVID is a philosophy.  Hold students accountable to the highest standards, provide academic and social support, and they will rise to the challenge.  AVID is a proven, data-driven program with decades of measurable results.  AVID:

  • Teaches skills and behaviors for academic success
  • Provides intensive support with tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships
  • Creates a positive peer group for students
  • Develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination

AVID at McGuire

AVID is offered at McGuire for students in grades 7-8. Students are enrolled in the AVID elective and are placed in at least one rigorous course. The formula is simple – raise expectations of students and, with the AVID support system in place, they will rise to the challenge. What is Covered in the AVID Elective?   The AVID curriculum, based on over 30 years of research and rigorous standards, is developed by middle and senior high school teachers in collaboration with college professors, and emphasizes teaching pedagogy which focuses on writing-to-learn, inquiry, collaboration and reading for comprehension. This allows college preparatory classes to be accessible to all students. AVID Tutors Tutors are available in the AVID elective class two days a week .  They facilitate student access to rigorous curriculum. Tutors serve as role models and are trained at the district level to provide academic support. To apply to AVID, fill out the AVID online application.

For more information

Contact Becky Erickson, McGuire Dean of Students & AVID Site Coordinator, at Becky.Erickson@isd194.org.

McGuire AVID Teachers

  • 7th grade – TBD
  • 8th grade – TBD
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