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Team Orientation Video’s

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Health Services

The district web site contains Health Information for families.  The site includes attendance policies for common communicable diseases such as strep throat and chicken pox, medication policies and forms, and health record information within the school district.

All Immunization Information, including immunization requirements are available on the district website.

Building Security

Tips for visiting McGuire Middle School:  Listed below are a few frequently asked questions about our new security system. For more information, visit the Visitor Management website

  • Identification – Please ensure you have your identification with you and ready when entering the building. If you do not have your ID with you, the office staff will ask you a series of security questions prior to entry into the building.   
  • Swiping Options – You have two options for swiping your ID: the magnetic strip and 3D code. Please see the Access Training and Tips Video for step-by-step instructions for each option. 
  • “Piggy-Backing” – Please do not hold the door open for other visitors. All visitors must check-in separately. This applies to couples as well – both individuals must check-in separately.
  • Check-Out – Remember to swipe or insert your ID on your way out of the building to properly check-out. 


Do you want your photos in the yearbook? Email them to for consideration. By emailing your photo you are giving permission for publication.

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