A Time for Thanksgiving: A Message from Superintendent Baumann

alt="Superintendent Michael Baumann."Lakeville Area Schools is an extraordinary community. And while I am grateful every day for the work I get to do, this time of year offers an opportunity for reflection on the many reasons we have to give thanks. 

I am grateful for our students who are kind, hard-working young people with a wide array of unique interests and talents. When I observe our students around the district, I see amazing effort to learn, to work together, and to achieve; these are our future leaders and we are in good hands. So many of our students are successful because our community supports them in their endeavors. We are blessed beyond all measure.

I am grateful for our entire staff, each one of whom is dedicated to the success of our students in the classroom and beyond. Lakeville Area Schools staff are caring, compassionate, professional and superb in their work with our students and families.  Every day staff go above and beyond to try to meet the needs of every student in our district. Lakeville Area Schools staff is a fantastic team of teams and are committed to this community in a profound manner. They build our future by effectively educating and serving as role models for all of our students.

I am also especially grateful to the families and community members who support Lakeville Area Schools students through their tax dollars, volunteer hours, attendance at events, and encouragement. I fully recognize and highly value our community members — you are critical partners in the education of our students, and I am grateful for your ongoing support. 

Throughout this community there is so much for which to be thankful. I extend my gratitude for the wonderful, caring people who make up this community, support our schools, and nurture our youth. 

Thank you,
Michael Baumann

Michael Baumann Signature

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