American Sign Language Students Teach Lessons About Animals

American Sign Language students at Lakeville North High School recently taught some lessons about animals using only ASL. Students in Debra Timmers’ ASL 3 and 4 classes were supposed to serve as presenters to the public during ASL Days at the Minnesota Zoo in April. However, the event was initially canceled due to COVID-19. Fortunately, the Minnesota Zoo decided to invite those students back to participate in the first ever Minnesota Zoo Endangered Species Virtual ASL Day to help educate youth about endangered animals that live at the zoo.

The 33 LNHS students rose to the challenge. They researched an assigned animal, created a video in sign about that animal, and captioned their video so those who have limited ASL skills would still be able to learn from the presentation. 

The Minnesota Zoo released the presentations on Friday, May 15. You can see the Lakeville North student presentations below. Each slide provides a link to their video presentation.

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