Sustaining Strong Schools

Community support is essential to sustaining strong schools

Since starting in my role as superintendent, I have witnessed numerous firsthand accounts of the commitment and support from our communities for our students, schools, and staff. I consider it an honor to serve in a place that shows such strong support for students, and it is clear that student performance and development of the next generation benefits from the combined community effort.

On Nov. 7, the school district is asking residents to vote on renewing a 10-year operating levy. This funding source accounts to 6.3 percent of the district budget or approximately $8 million annually.

Without question, this is an important decision for our school district and communities.

If approved, the operating levy would help sustain strong schools, educational programs and services for students, and maintain current class sizes without increasing taxes. If the referendum fails, the district would be forced to make significant budget reductions, equating to a reduction of 82.6 full-time employees. These reductions would impact class size, educational programs, overall school operations, and the elimination of staff at all levels.

The School Board values public participation in schools and aims to maximize participation in the election. The district has placed all information regarding the election on the Internet at for voter convenience. Please take time to review the resources available and navigate the links for voting information.

Thank you for taking the time to get informed on the operating levy renewal and for having your voice heard by casting your vote on or before Nov. 7.  

Michael Baumann

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