County Road 50/Kenwood Trail construction restarts April 30

The County Road 50/Kenwood Trail construction project will restart the week of April 30. Kenwood Trail will be closed from Jaguar Avenue to County Road 60/185th Street. The project is expected to be completed in late fall 2018 and the road closure will be in effect for the entirety of the project.

In preparation for the 2018 construction, District 194 is working closely with our transportation company, Dakota County and the City of Lakeville to ensure buses, parents and visitors can access Kenwood Trail Middle School during the construction. Once County Road 50/Kenwood Trail construction has begun, all traffic to Kenwood Trail Middle School must use 192nd Street to cross County Road 50/Kenwood Trail and access the school; there will be no direct access to or from Kenwood Trail Middle School via County Road 50/Kenwood Trail.

Additionally, the district is encouraging Lakeville North High School staff, students and visitors exiting the school to use Ipava Avenue if they are going north. All other drivers should take a right onto Dodd Boulevard, then make a U-turn at Itea Avenue if they intend to continue north on Dodd Boulevard or east on 194th Street.

The county and city will be monitoring traffic for first two weeks of construction and measures will be taken to address any issues caused by the road closures.

The map illustrates the detour route and closed portions of Kenwood Trail for the 2018 portion of the project, as well as specific access routes to adjacent neighborhoods and properties. Access to Kenwood Trail Middle School is shown on page 3. All buses will access the south entrance to the school via Kenwood Trail and 194th Street.

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