COVID-19 Update for Families

October 6, 2020
Dear Lakeville Area Families, 
The District continues to monitor COVID-19 cases and the impact to our district operations. We do not currently have plans to change our safe learning model. However, we want to share with you our process for why and how we would change the model if needed and how you can support our ultimate goal of having all of our students back in their classrooms full time. 
The Superintendent and the District COVID-19 Coordinator review the following COVID-19 data on a weekly basis. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to changing learning models. Decisions must be based on clear trends and operational feasibility, not on a single datapoint. We also cannot rely solely on case numbers. For example, if we had a staffing shortage due to wide-spread illness, a move to Distance Learning might need to happen even if the case data supported a different learning model.Learning Model Dial Points to Hybrid Model

The district considering several data points and sources:  

  • State of Minnesota COVID-19 data by county, specifically for Dakota County and Scott County.
  • Lakeville Area Schools school building COVID-19 positive case data and quarantine data. You can track the latest data in your school with our district’s newly launched COVID-19 Case Rate Dashboard.
  • Staffing and operational capacity, including substitute teacher coverage, support staff coverage, educator workload, and operational capabilities such as busing and food service.

Process for Changing Learning Models

Please note that over the course of the first few weeks of school, COVID-19 cases continue to rise in our community. It is important that all Lakeville Area families and staff have plans in place to switch to full-time distance learning within days, if needed. For information about the Process for Transitioning Models please click here

Important Community Precautions

Our data on positive COVID-19 cases currently indicates that most students and staff who have the virus are contracting it from community transmission outside of school. This can impact whether schools can remain open or must close. In order for us to maintain the hybrid model and ultimately to move to a full-time in-person model, our community must continue to take precautions. 
We ask that parents/guardians continue to have conversations with their children about the importance of following health and safety guidelines and to monitor your child(ren)’s activities outside of school. Lakeville Area Schools community members of all ages should continue to: 
  • Self-check for symptoms of COVID-19 daily and stay home when sick
  • Wear masks whenever in public spaces
  • Limit gatherings and practice proper social distancing when around others
  • Practice good hygiene by covering coughs and sneezes and washing your hands often 


Please email with any questions you may have related to COVID-19 or learning models. Bookmark our COVID-19 webpage for the latest information:
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Michael Baumann
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