District survey to gather data on community satisfaction and needs

In order to gather data on the community’s satisfaction with Lakeville Area Schools and to assess important needs, residents of the district may be contacted by Baker Tilly, a Twin Cities-based survey consultant the first weeks of June.

Four-hundred randomly selected residents representative of the Lakeville Area will be contacted by phone or text message to answer 23 survey questions. Residents who receive a call or text message are encouraged to participate and can expect the survey to take about 15 minutes.

The first portion of the survey will collect important feedback about district schools and administration. The second section of the survey will assess what improvements to teaching and learning respondents might support, if additional funding were available. Among the choices include: increasing middle school course offerings; additional mental health support; additional educational space, and technology and safety upgrades to improve security in all schools.

Survey results are scheduled to be presented at a future School Board meeting this summer and will be used by the Board of Education and administration to guide future decisions, including a possible referendum to seek voter approval to increase local property taxes to raise additional funding.

Formerly The Springsted Group, Baker Tilly has conducted surveys for the District in the past, most recently in 2018 and 2017.

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