Social-Emotional Learning survey to launch Nov. 11

Lakeville Area Schools recognizes that Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is an important part of a well-rounded education. Building future success starts with developing a child’s social, emotional, behavioral and academic aptitude from a young age. SEL supports the mindsets, skills, attitudes and feelings that help students succeed in school, career and life.

Beginning November 11, the District will be distributing a Panorama Education survey focused on SEL to staff and students. The Panorama Education survey is designed to serve as a benchmark to help our organization better understand our students’ social-emotional competencies and their perceptions of how supported they are in our schools. Just as we routinely measure students’ academic progress to identify strengths and areas for growth, we are committed to providing the same data driven approach to provide social, emotional and behavioral supports. Panorama results will provide individual, building, and district baseline data to inform next steps as we work to enhance our comprehensive, responsive system of supports for students. Students and staff can expect the survey to take approximately 30 minutes.

Developed by Harvard Researchers, this survey will provide key data to improve outcomes for our students. Panorama Education and its leading technology platform supports more than 7 million students in 8,500 schools across 46 states. 

Participation in the Panorama Education survey is voluntary and results are confidential. A sample of the survey is available for download below. If you have questions about the survey, if you would not like your child to participate, please contact Director of Data Analytics Dr. Andrew Barron at or call 952-232-2024.

Sample Panorama Survey Questions



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