Hiring Lakeville Area bus drivers, aides and more

Every year over 100 Lakeville Area bus drivers safely transport over 9,000 students twice every school day, to and from 1,425 bus stops throughout the Lakeville Area. Lakeville Area Public Schools’ bussing partner, Schmitty & Sons, is currently hiring committed and professional individuals to join their team as school bus drivers, bus aides, mechanics and more.

For the past 60 years Schmitty & Sons has been providing school bus transportation for Lakeville Area Public Schools, transporting our students in full sized (class C) bus routes, school bus vans (class A), and Type II vans. Drivers and aides are generally on the same route in order to create strong bonds with our students and to be the familiar face that brings our students to school.

To learn more about career opportunities with Schmitty & Sons, visit schmittyandsons.com.

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