Impact Academy Students Sing With Kingsley Shores Residents

Impact Academy 4th graders connected with their community on Friday, November 8. They walked down to their neighbors at Kingsley Shores Senior Campus to sing with the residents there. Together, the students and seniors spent a half hour singing through renditions of ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game,’ ‘She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain,’ and ‘How Much is That Dog in the Window,’ among many other classic songs. There were smiles all around because this was an event many of the residents had been looking forward to. 

“We love being able to sing,” said Kingsley Shores resident, Phil Kiltie. “I love seeing the enthusiasm of all the kids.” Kiltie revealed he was a 4th grade teacher for many years, which made this visit all the more exciting for him.

Two people at the concert were related to each other! Kay Frederickson and her grandson, Sam, who is a 4th grader at Impact, sat right next to each other to sing songs. Kay says Sam was so excited to come visit her with his classmates that he had his mother text her a reminder that they were coming.

“We need young people around to make us remember how much fun it can be to be young. They bring a big smile to our faces,” said Kay.

“I think the more you’re around young people, the more active you are,” said Kiltie.

After the program was finished, students introduced themselves and made conversations with the seniors who they just sang with. This was just the first meet and greet for these students. The Kingsley Shores residents will travel to Impact Academy on November 19 to see the students again during their choir concert. Both groups say they’re looking forward to it!


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