Kenwood Trail Media Center Staff Delivery Books to Students

KTMS Book Delivery BagStaff at Kenwood Trail Middle School are making sure students still have new books to read during distance learning. Beth Beckwith, who works in the KTMS media center, organized and launched a successful book delivery program. 

Students order books for delivery by putting them on hold through the IMC’s online catalog. Beckwith and her team of volunteers then fill the orders. The books are packaged in a sealed bag with their name and instructions on it. Those bags are then delivered to the student’s doorstep.

Beckwith also created a system for collecting books when students are done with them. After picking the books up, they are placed in special bins that are set aside in the IMC for several days before being lent back out to ensure there are no germs on them. 

“It’s very fun to deliver the books. Kids are glad to see a familiar face and get a bundle of new books to read!” said Johannah Scheu, an English teacher who volunteered to help Beckwith. 

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