Lake Marion Elementary Students Make Sandwiches for the Homeless

Lake Marion Students Make Sandwiches for Homeless

Lake Marion Elementary 4th graders gave up their Valentine’s Day parties on Friday, February 14 to instead help homeless people in Minnesota by making them hundreds of sandwiches.

Lake Marion Students Make Sandwiches for HomelessThe students set a goal of making 900 meat and cheese sandwiches for The Sandwich Project and Minneapolis Recreation Development 363 Days Food Program. The students flew past their goal, making 950 sandwiches for homeless people.

Lake Marion Students Make Sandwiches for HomelessThe students and the Lake Marion Elementary PTO had raised money to buy all the ingredients to make the sandwiches. However, Cub Foods generously donated all the food they needed. So, the students took the $709 they had raised, and donated it to the founder of Minneapolis Recreation Development, Allan Law, also known as ‘The Sandwich Guy.’ That money will be used to buy around 1,400 bus and light rail tokens for homeless people.

Most of the sandwiches made on Friday will be hand-delivered to homeless people by Law. Since retirement in 1999, Law has spent every night driving the streets of the Twin Cities looking for people in need of help. A close friend of Law’s who attended Friday’s event told the students that all the sandwiches they made that day would be given to homeless people that very same night. The students were also told that every time Law hands out a sandwich, he tells the person he’s helping where that sandwich came from. So when someone receives a sandwich from ‘The Sandwich Guy’ that particular Friday night, they will know it came from the fourth graders at Lake Marion Elementary School.

Lake Marion Students Make Sandwiches for Homeless

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