Lakeville Area 5th Graders Participate in Math Masters Regional Event

Fifth graders from seven Lakeville Area elementary schools took home top honors in the Regional Math Masters competition held April 26 at Lakeville South High School. There were 209 top math students from public and private schools throughout the metro area participated in the competition. It’s an event kids practice for months in advance.

Forty-four teams filled the gymnasium floor at Lakeville South. Students competed individually and as teams to solve eight rounds of math problems. Each team consisted of four or five students who had to be knowledgeable in areas like number facts, geometry, statistics, fractions, and more.

Team Awards (Out of 44 Teams)

  • 1st: Oak Hills Green (Jack Drill, Noah Haque, Annika Swenson, Jack Weldon, Alice Yi)
  • 4th: Oak Hills Blue (Lucas Belfield, Damian Cabrera-Benjamin, Eli Gunderson, Julia King, Halle Lofgren)
  • 5th: Cherry View Black (Advaith Bangalore, Ethan Ritter, Emma Shian, Bellah Tange, Jenny Yao)
  • 6th: Oak Hills Red (Samantha Hilla, Keegan McCarty, Bella Priore, Ryan Tung, Maya Wright)
  • 8th: Oak Hills Purple (Gavin Berg, Yushen Chen, Parker Larson, Matt Mulcahy, Gavin Stroup)
  • 9th: Lakeview Elementary #1 (Lily Launsbach, Lilly Paulson, Graiden Platt, Kaleb Williams, Aniyora Yadav)

Individual Awards (Out of 209 Participants)Math Masters 2

  • 1st: Alice Yi – Oak Hills Green
  • 2nd: Eli Gunderson – Oak Hills Blue
  • 11th: Bellah Tange – Cherry View Black
  • 12th: Drake Fritz – Lakeview #2
  • 13th: Jack Weldon – Oak Hills Green
  • 15th: Daniel Ricklick – JFK #1
  • 16th: Ryan Tung – Oak Hills Red
  • 17th: Black Bachmeier – Eastview #2
  • 19th: Gavin Berg – Oak Hills Purple
  • 22nd: Nheana Soliman – Christina Huddleston
  • 24th: Jenny Yao – Cherry View

Fact Drill (Out of 209 Participants)

Math Masters 1

  • 1st: Ryan Tung – Oak Hills Red
  • 2nd: Krithik Sreekumar – Lakeview #2
  • 4th: Alice Yi – Oak Hills Green
  • 6th: Eli Berkley – Eastview #1
  • 7th: Keegan McCarty – Oak Hills Red & Hayden Jansky – Eastview #2
  • 9th: Gavin Stroup – Oak Hills Purple & Asher Collins – JFK #1
  • 11th: Samantha Hilla – Oak Hills Red & Pete Krolak – Christina Huddleston

Math Masters holds more than 35 competitions across Minnesota, with more than 5,500 fifth and sixth graders competing.

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