Lakeville Area Schools Implementing Flexible Learning Days

FLEX DaysFor the first time ever, Lakeville Area Schools is implementing Flexible Learning (FLEX) Days. FLEX Days allow students to still be engaged in learning from home when inclement weather or snow days cause schools to close.

On a FLEX Day, students in grades K-12 will continue learning from home with support from their teachers. Teachers will share curriculum-aligned assignments and be accessible by email during regular school hours so they can provide learning support to students.

When a FLEX Day is called, students and families will be notified through the same district communication methods as when a snow day is called, including phone calls, text, email, and local news stations. 

Per state statute, school districts can use up to five FLEX Days per year, which will count as instructional days. The benefits of FLEX Days include keeping everyone safe and off the roads when there are poor conditions, allowing for the continuation of learning when school is closed due to weather, and building skills that will be beneficial for students’ future success. Additionally, FLEX Days can decrease the likelihood of the district needing to schedule make-up days during the school year or adding days to the end of the year because of too many inclement weather days.

In Lakeville Area Schools, the first inclement weather day will not be used as a FLEX Day because we feel it is important for students to experience the joy of a surprise day off. The next five inclement weather days will be used as FLEX Days. Any inclement weather days beyond that will mean the district will start looking at make-up days.

Not all students will experience FLEX Days. There are no FLEX Day requirements for our early childhood or adult basic education students. LinK12 students are expected to continue their online coursework as usual.

More details about FLEX Days will be available in the coming weeks from your schools and teachers. If you have questions or comments about FLEX Days, please contact your building principal or dean.

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