Lakeville Area Teachers Named EML Educators of Excellence

It gives us great pleasure to announce the 2019 EML Educators of Excellence Award winners.

Please take a moment of your day to congratulate these two individuals for upholding the standards and qualities that make education a truly noble profession.


Elementary Level Winner

Nicole Hewitt

Art Teacher at Lake Marion Elementary

From her nomination:

Nicole creates a calm, controlled, and fun atmosphere that encourages the kids to want to come to art class. Her projects and lessons provide students opportunities to feel good about themselves and their art. She encourages mistakes and makes them a part of the “art process.” She provides the kids multiple options to express their learning and display their artistic abilities thus empowering students. She has the ability to effectively bring out the skills of students at the many different grade levels with which she works adapting to the personality and skill level of each of her students.

Nicole exemplifies the best qualities of inclusion in her classroom. She initiates collaboration between students of all abilities in order to make sure that all students are valued and accepted regardless of their abilities or interpretations of art. She also ensures that the work of her students is always on display in our school to allow others to help kids enjoy the accolades and enjoyment of their efforts promoting self-confidence in our students.

Nicole’s role at Lake Marion is truly valued and appreciated. Her ability to model creativity and enthusiasm produces student success. She is truly deserving of this award as an acknowledgment of her skill as a professional educator.


Secondary Level Winner

Mike Kohel

Social Studies Teacher at Lakeville South High School

From his nomination:

Mike is an incredibly committed educator. He puts great effort and thought into preparing engaging, thoughtful and differentiated activities for all of his classes. He puts his heart and soul into each and every one of his students.

From meeting them in the hallway with a smile and positive comments to the clear instruction and challenges he poses to students as they work in his room, the rapport and relationships Mike builds with his students are unmatched. He knows each student’s successes and failures as well as their hopes and dreams. Long after students graduate, they come back to see Mike to share how important it was that he showed how much each of the “mattered” and the confidence he was able to instill in them.

Mike’s efforts don’t end with the students, he also applies his skills with his fellow colleagues. He is quick to do what needs to be done, whether it be a new class, a new section of students or a colleague in need of suggestions and assistance. He is very careful to build relationships with his peers in the same manner as he does with his students. His support, guidance and advocacy are shared only when it is solicited and welcomed.

Mike’s spirit, enthusiasm, and professionalism are contagious, he exemplifies and models the best qualities of not only educators but also the way in which we should all treat one another. He is very deserving of this award.


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