Lakeville North Drama Department Presents “The Diary of Anne Frank”

The Lakeville North Drama Department presents The Diary of Anne Frank on Thursday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m.

One Night Only

Directed by L. J. JohnsonThe Diary of Anne Frank tells the story of Anne Frank, a Jewish teenager writing over a two-year period while she, her family and others hid from the Nazis in the German-occupied Netherlands.

Following their discovery and imprisonment in 1944, Anne’s father, the group’s only survivor, recovered the diary in 1945 and sold it to Dutch publishers in 1947. Published as Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, playwrights Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich adapted the story for the stage in 1955 as The Diary of Anne Frank.


The Diary of Anne Frank received the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1956. 


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