LSHS students to show off chemistry skills at Science Show

Lakeville South High School Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry students are excited for their upcoming Science Show “Mission Impossimole” next Friday, Dec. 15,

alt="LSHS students during their science show demonstration from 2016."

which will feature an evening of rainbow liquids, vortex cannons, frothing bubbles, colorful flames and luminescent solutions.

Each year, Lakeville South AP chemistry students perform science demonstrations for each class period during the day for students to attend and a show that evening for families and community members. This year’s will include 35 demonstrations involving a Mission Impossible-type theme using the science of thermodynamics, kinetics, acid and bases, vacuums and high pressure. The event is for all ages and will take place in the Lakeville South High School auditorium at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 15. Admission will cost $1 per person, with a $5 family maximum.

“The science show really is interesting for anyone to watch any age,” said Zhenya Johnson, a junior at LSHS. “The experiments change each year and it’s a good way for people to learn something new.”

alt="LSHS students during their science show demonstration from 2016."The day of the science show is just as exciting for those in the show as the audience.

“I loved the day of the chemistry show; the demos were cool and fun to watch,” said LSHS senior Sarah McLeod, a former emcee. “You do so much work leading up to [the event] and the day-of you just get to have fun.”

There’s a lot of preparation including early morning practices that go into the Science Show, and students are offered plenty of opportunities to extend their involvement. In addition to the requirement of the demonstration, students can volunteer to emcee, dance and/or help behind the scenes.

“I’m looking forward to being an emcee and reading my script with my partners to introduce and talk about the demos,” said LSHS junior Madi Schom. “I’ve always had a fear of talking in front of people, but I’m actually excited about it.” 

Safety is also a number one priority for the students. Students must have safety in each demo; for the student, for the alt="LSHS students during their science show demonstration from 2016."audience and for anyone working behind the scenes. The students must wear safety goggles, gloves, and they have to make sure they know every step so there’s no slip-up, said Johnson.

LSHS junior Ashley Simmons gave us one last sneak peek into what to expect this year.

“The audience will see huge explosions, elephant toothpaste, ping pong popper demos, fire created from water and voice changing chemicals,” Ashley said.
And be sure to check out this video from last year to show you what you have to look forward to.

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