Newly Designed Music Room Unveiled at Lake Marion Elementary

Thanks to the generosity of a local business, students at Lake Marion Elementary are now learning about music in a newly designed classroom. The classroom makeover was revealed Monday, April 22. More than 600 students will use the room every week. This was the dream of music teacher, Victoria Sundberg, who turned that dream into reality through a classroom makeover contest.

“It’s a completely night and day difference,” Mrs. Sundberg said as she reacted to seeing the room in person for the first time at Monday’s reveal. “It’s a little bit like a Cinderella story.”

Flip Your Classroom 1

In January, Mrs. Sundberg submitted a video to the Flip Your Classroom contest through Minnesota business, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors. It showed what her previous classroom looked like and explained why it deserved a makeover. She said she had to get creative to turn a multi-use space into a traditional classroom. Some of the issues she ran into were a lack of seats and proper storage.

Not long after entering the contest, Mrs. Sundberg found out she won the $50,000 makeover. Some of the additions she and Atmosphere Commercial Interiors brought to the room include flexible chairs, color-coded shelves and storage for musical instruments, and portable whiteboards that are hung on the wall.

“I worked really closely with [Atmosphere Commercial Interiors] throughout the entire process of getting this room created the way it is today. I’m really thankful for that,” said Mrs. Sundberg. “I am lucky enough to see all of the students here, over 600 of them, and so every student at Lake Marion is going to be impacted by this.”

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