Next Family Connections Meeting on January 21

Family Connections meeting on January 21Family Connections is hosting guest speaker, Jenny Landon, on Thursday, January 21 at 6 p.m. for a discussion called “Developing Resiliency through Understanding and Compassion.”

Determined to not only save lives, but to improve the lives we’re living, Jenny is passionate about providing a real life understanding for mental health and how to support it. She openly and safely shares how she’s grown from navigating her own mental health struggles as well as losing her dad to suicide and helping her daughter go from being suicidal to thriving. Beyond simply sharing her story, Jenny pours her heart and soul into conveying the lessons she’s learned along the way with the intention of providing her audience with realistic and practical tools while also cultivating an environment where individuals feel safe and comfortable in asking for and providing help.

Please email to receive a Zoom link to the meeting.

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