School Board Recognition Week, Feb. 17-21

School Board Appreciation 2020

Lakeville Area Schools recognizes February 17-21, 2020 as School Board Recognition week. The following is the resolution approved by the school board at its February 11 regular meeting.

WHEREAS, Lakeville Area Schools recognizes the importance of public education in our community; and

WHEREAS, Lakeville Area Schools appreciates the vital role played by those individuals who, as local school board members, establish policies to ensure an efficient, effective school system; and

WHEREAS, school board members serve as a voice that enables our community to preserve local management and control of our public schools; and

WHEREAS, school board members are charged with representing our local education interests to state and federal governments and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws; and

WHEREAS, school board members selflessly devote their knowledge, time and talents as advocates for our schoolchildren;

WHEREAS, local school board members are strong advocates for public education and responsible for communicating the needs of the school district to the public and the public’s expectations to the district;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that Lakeville Area Schools recognizes and salutes the members of the Lakeville Area School Board by proclaiming February 17-21, 2020, as School Board Recognition Week.

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