Student Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week

Lakeville Area Schools recognizes October 14-18, 2019 as Student Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week. Our student nutrition employees are committed to supporting our children through caringly providing nutritious meals to our more than 11,000 Lakeville Area students. This week we celebrate our thanks and gratitude to these kind men and women.

Whereas: There are 93 student nutrition employees and 22 substitute student nutrition employees;

Whereas: Student nutrition employees serve nearly 1.6 million meals at 15 buildings each year;

Whereas: Student nutrition employees now plan 12 different breakfast and lunch menus compared to just one menu in the year 2001; 

Whereas: Student nutrition employees also prepare 18 different menus for students with disabilities affected by diet;

Whereas: Student nutrition employees keep parents and students informed of all menus, ingredients, allergens, nutrition, and food descriptions by updating the online menu and mobile app;

Whereas: Student nutrition employees are well educated by completing required annual training in nutrition, food safety, and sanitation classes;

Therefore, let it be resolved: The Board of Education hereby extends its appreciation to student nutrition employees, and declares October 14-18, 2019 to be Student Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week in Lakeville Area Schools.

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