Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8

The Lakeville Area Schools Board of Education approved the following resolution recognizing May 4-8, 2020 as Teacher Appreciation Week:

Our teachers provide essential education to our more than 11,000 Lakeville Area students and provide their families with updates on their child’s academic performance. This week we celebrate our thanks and gratitude for these essential staff. 

Whereas, May 4-8 has been designated nationally as Teacher Appreciation Week to celebrate the pivotal role teachers play in millions of children’s lives every day by inspiring learning and discovery;

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools has 765 teachers, including 193 high school teachers, 156 middle school teachers, 370 elementary school teachers, and 46 teachers at the district’s many other learning facilities;

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools teachers help students learn by thoroughly planning and preparing lessons, creating positive and motivating classrooms, and providing the high quality education the Lakeville Area community has come to expect every day;

Whereas, this year in particular, Lakeville Area Schools teachers are finding new and innovative ways to teach our students and keep them engaged in a distance learning setting for the first time ever;

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools teachers establish and maintain positive relationships with students, parents and staff;

Therefore, let it be resolved: The Board of Education hereby extends its appreciation to all Lakeville Area Schools teachers for supporting the education of our students, and declares May 4-8, 2020 to be Teacher Appreciation Week in Lakeville Area Schools.

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