Ten Thousand Books Makes Donation to Eastview Elementary

Book donation at Eastview Elementary

The non-profit group, Ten Thousand Books, made its inaugural book drop at Eastview Elementary on Tuesday, August 25. The donation included 100 books featuring diversity in culture, race and experiences. The partnership with Ten Thousand Books aims to help promote equity through literature.

Ten Thousand Books is a non-profit founded by Eastview Elementary parent, Katie Zidon Lay. The organization’s goal is to add books with diverse voices and experiences to Minnesota classrooms and beyond. The purpose is for students of all color to build identity by seeing their images reflected in their reading while also providing an opportunity for students in less diverse communities to learn about outside experiences. All of the book are purchased through individual donations.

Eastview’s sister school in Minneapolis, Lucy Laney Elementary, will receive a donation of 100 books as well.

To learn more, get involved, or donate to Ten Thousand Books, visit www.tenthousandbooks.org.

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