WATCH: Sisters reunite at McGuire Middle School after returning home from deployment

There was a special family reunion at McGuire Middle School on Friday, January 24, 2020. 1st Lt. Leah Garrison of the U.S. Air Force returned home from a six-month deployment to Kuwait. During lunch, she surprised her 6th grade sister, Dani Bubendorf!

“She’s been waiting and I’ve been telling her that I can’t come home yet because I’ve had to stay at work,” explained Leah as she talked about the weeks leading up to the big surprise. 

The sisters managed to stay in touch during the deployment. Dani said Leah would even help her with homework via FaceTime.

“I’m just excited to be home and glad I could share the experience with her,” Leah said after surprising Dani.

“And I’m just glad my girls are together,” added their mother, Lorna Bubendorf, with a big smile on her face.

The family said they plan to spend a lot of time together and catch up on some missed holidays while Leah is home.

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