Impact Academy FAQs

Who needs to apply to the Impact Program grades 1-5?

All interested families grades 1-5 need to apply. More details will be made available in late July or early August after application details are finalized. Details will be posted on an upcoming Applications page.

How are applications accepted?

Applications are NOT handled on a first-come, first serve basis. There will be a random selection process conducted the week of February 1-5, 2021. If applications exceed available space, a waiting list will be generated and families will be notified if their status changes. Details can be found on the Impact Program Application Page.

Is transportation provided for students enrolled in the Impact program?

Transportation is not provided for any intra-district or open enrolled Impact Academy program students. Families who live in the assigned attendance area will be provided bus transportation per district guidelines.

What if my student has an IEP?

Special education services are available in the Impact Academy program. However, based on the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and level of need, a different placement may be determined by the school personnel and parents. 

Why is there an Equity Pool?

The equity application pool provides for identification of applications that support the goal of Impact Academy program reflecting the demographic composition of Orchard Lake Elementary.

What are the Curriculum and Assessment Tools used in the Impact Academy program?

  • Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary teachers are responsible for the students’ learning of the same state standards.
  • All state and district-wide assessments (MCA, MAP, AIMS, DRA2) will be given to Impact Academy students according to their grade level placement.
  • Students of Impact Academy program will receive supplemental support to accelerate their learning, if they are not at grade-level. 
  • Students will be benchmarked in the areas of literacy and math to determine their instructional level by strand using the pathways of learning.

What does the Daily Schedule look like for students in Impact Academy program?

  • Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary students will have the same start and end time to their school day and follow the same district elementary school calendar.
  • Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary students will experience lunch and recess in a multi-age format. They will have 40 min. for lunch and recess.
  • The Impact Academy community will follow the same schedule for reading and math in order to meet the goal of personalized learning.
  • Literacy block will be 100 min. and math block will be 70 min. for all students.
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