Digital Learning for Staff


Digital Learning Skills for Staff

“What digital learning skills and knowledge do ISD 194 staff members need to have?” The Digital Learning Team has been asked this question many times during trainings across the district, so they asked the K12 media specialists to help compile the skill lists below with digital tools that are utilized by the district.  This information has only been created and compiled to help staff identify their own strengths and weaknesses. 

Technology Integration Skills

Basic Skills/Knowledge  Intermediate Skills  Advanced Skills
SAMR Model for Technology Integration – Staff achieve substitution Familiarity with the applications on your computer

Ability to use mobile devices as a camera, document camera, voice recorder and video

Can facilitate having students e-mail content to their teacher

Have basic operational skills on laptop (some examples include: mirroring, airplay, changing settings in System Preferences

Basic classroom management strategies when using technology with students (everyone doing the same thing at the same time)

SAMR Model for Technology Integration – Staff achieve substitution, adaptation and modification

Ability to take a traditional lesson and add a digital learning component

Can facilitate having students share their work electronically (Google Drive, Schoology, etc)

Use a Learning Management System (LMS) (i.e. Schoology) in the learning/teaching process

Create teacher content digitally

Engage in researching new software, web tools and apps for staff/student use

Intermediate classroom management strategies when using technology with students (small groups working on different things)

SAMR Model for Technology Integration – Staff achieve substitution, adaptation, modification, and redefinition

Promote, encourage and provide the tools for a completely paperless environment

Use digital tools and standards/ELs to create a brand new approach to a lesson

Build digital, collaborative opportunities within the lesson

AppSmashing (combine the use of digital tools)

Provide opportunities for student to create digital content

Provide digital feedback to students

Using new software and apps in lessons

Advanced classroom management strategies when using technology with students (multiple applications being utilized with multi-step projects)

Schoology Tech Skills

 Basic Skills/Knowledge  Intermediate Skills  Advanced Skills

Understand basic functions of Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Update user profile information
  • Manage Account Settings
  • Post calendar updates
  • Navigate to course
  • Post updates
  • Post files and links
  • Save materials to Resources

**See SAMR model – Schoology used at substitution level

In addition to the basic functions, understand the interactive functions of Learning Management System (LMS) staff will be able to:

  • Organizes course
  • Utilizes Assignment feature to collect student submissions
  • Utilizes Test/Quiz feature to assess student understanding
  • Utilizes Discussion feature
  • Utilizes Media Album to collect student creations and share images

**See SAMR model – Schoology used at substitution, adaptation and modification level

In addition to the basic and interactive functions, understands the collaborative functions of Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Creating Grading Groups
  • Collaboration with other teachers through Schoology Groups
  • Using Public Resources
  • Utilizing Assessment Instructor Feedback
  • Uses video and audio submissions and instructions
  • Uses Mastery Grid to analyze student understanding
  • Alignment of resources and materials to state standards
  • Staff create question banks for individual or shared
  • Staff are familiar with Badges and Portfolios.
  • Using student completion rules

**See SAMR model – Schoology used at substitution, adaptation, modification and redefinition level

More skills will be listed on a separate page in the future.

This column represents a minimum staff requirement for Schoology usage in the 2014-2015 school year. This column represents the goal for staff use of Schoology in the 2015-2016 school year. This column represents the goal for staff use of Schoology in the 2016-2017 school year. Professional development will be offered to aid in staff growth.

Google Tech Skills

 Basic Skills/Knowledge  Intermediate Skills  Advanced Skills
Basics: Login to google account from multiple points Gmail: Create a signature. Enable vacation mode. Drive: Find and open shared documents. Create document and share it; not deleting shared documents Upload a document, make sure it is in proper form. Add a comment to a document. Create from template Calendar: Add events to calendar; create a calendar invite Share calendars – view calendars. Gmail: Creating contact lists Drive: Organizing Google Drive. Use for staff-student collaboration; understand multiple ways to share a doc Can create a form and presentation Encourage student document creation and sharing Create templates. Can insert the following in a Google doc: link, table, drawing Calendar: Create a new calendar YouTube: Have YouTube channel – channel creation, management and delivery of content Drive: Use forms to create new ways to collect and share data Document: Add Headings and Table of Contents Incorporating Google Apps, scripts Content creation for student collaboration, group work assignment distribution, hand in and assessment Sites: Site creation YouTube: Youtube channel: Upload own instructional videos.

Mobile Technology Skills

 Basic Skills/Knowledge  Intermediate Skills  Advanced Skills
Understand wireless settings and troubleshoot on laptop computer, AppleTV, iPad and student BYOD devices

Understand Bluetooth technology with regards to mobile devices.

Understand the ports on the device.

Understand how to exit applications

Understand how to update software

Understand keyboard/trackpad settings on laptop


Use Self Service on ISD194 devices to load software, printer drivers, etc.

Share documents or media wirelessly to student devices. (i.e. Dropbox, Google Drive)

Monitor usage settings on the device as far as storage space, battery.

Monitor restrictions on ISD194 devices

Project or share with another device Create “screencast-style” instructional videos.

  Other helpful resources:


Staff Laptop Support

Documents and Links

  • Click here to view our Mac training document
  • Click here to go to Apple’s MacBook Pro Support Site
  • Want to move your bookmarks to your new laptop?  Click here for a YouTube How-To video
Frequently Asked Questions

I keep seeing a question about Safari wanting to use my password Keychain.  What do I do? 1.  Open Keychain Access, which is in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder 2.  From the Keychain Access menu, choose Preferences. 3.  Click General, then click Reset My Default Keychain 4.  Authenticate with your account login password 5.  Quit Keychain Access 6.  Restart your computer What will happen to my desktop once it has been taken? Staff desktops are being used to replace outdated student computers, or to increase the number of computers students can access.   Desktop computers can provide the secure network connection required during testing. What information do I enter when Microsoft Office asks me to register? Enter your first and last name, then enter ISD 194 Lakeville Area Schools as the company Should I let Microsoft Office keep itself up to date? When it asks to keep it up to date with updates, say no. Should I let and application access my contacts if it asks? It is not generally necessary to allow applications such as Office to access your contacts. Can I access my server from home? Not at this time.  We do not have the technology available yet to access the server from outside our network. Can I print to a printer in my building from outside the district? No.  Just as you cannot access your server folder from outside the district, you cannot access any of our in district networked printers.


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