Field Trips

Field Trip Requests

Policy 610 Field Trips – The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for student trips and to identify the general process to be followed for review and approval of trip requests. Instructional Trips – Trips that take place during the school day, relate directly to a course of study, and require student participation shall fall in this category. Supplementary Trips – This category pertains to those trips in which students voluntarily participate and which usually take place outside the regular school day.

Extended Trips – Trips that involve one or more overnight stops outstate, out of state or international fall into this category. A Proposal for Extended Field Trip form must be completed for any proposed student trip defined as an Extended Field Trip, either instructional or supplemental, as described in Board of Education Policy 610, Extended Trips. This request form must be completed online and submitted for approval at a Board of Education meeting held a minimum of 30 days prior to the planned trip. Unique Activities for Consideration: Trips that involve unique/out of the ordinary activities need to be reviewed by the Business Office in advance to address the possible need liability insurance review. For example, canoeing on a field trip.


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